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TR45 Popup Timer Release

  • Integrated float and line spool

  • Easily change out batteries

  • Standard 100 ft of 1/16" spectra line (user selectable)

  • Release upon completion of time-until-release period

  • Release by electrolytic erosion of a replaceable link

  • Range of different links available (see Supplies)

  • Selected time-until-release from 0-170 days in 7.5 minute steps

  • Worst case timing error of +/- 2 minute per month

  • Operating depth is 0 to 60 feet (0 to 18 meters) for float (other options available)

  • Battery life approximately 4 years using 3 lithium AA batteries


This release unit is deployed underwater and contains a micro computer and batteries and holds a replaceable release link with a screw on retainer cap.  It is programmed to the time-until-release (TUR) desired by electrical contact with the contacts on a programmer (TRP-45C) before deployment underwater.  Release accuracy is +/-2 minute per month.  After time is up and release erosion initiates it takes typically another 10 to 20 minutes for the link erosion to complete with link LK-40 (15 to 30 minutes for link LK-80). (Note: This release works in ocean water and typical bay water.  It will not work in fresh water since the electrolytic erosion will not occur at a fast enough rate). The system has an integrated float and line spool that can be used to directly recover the equipment, or pull up a retrieval line for subsequent equipment recovery.

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