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Coming Soon! The AR4RT ropeless fishing system

  • Same simple design as the TR4RT ropeless system                                             

  • Adds an "on demand" acoustic release option                                                      

  • Very simple and low cost compared to any other on demand acoustic release based ropeless fishing system                                                    

  • Contact us for more info!

AR4RT Concept2.png

Coming Soon! AR60 Strongback Mooring System

  • Integrates directly with existing AR60 acoustic release                                      

  • Increases allowable mooring load to ~1000 lb (450 kg)                                    

  • Rugged stainless steel construction        

  • Simple clamp-on installation                 

  • Contact us for more info!



Ropeless Fishing Article by Oregon Public Broadcasting - See the article by Casandra Profita of Oregon Public Broadcasting about our TR4RT development effort here.

Testing of the TR4RT and AR50 for Ropeless Fishing - See the great information from Kim Sawicki of Sustainable Seas Technologies about testing our TR4RT and AR50 systems for ropeless fishing here.

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