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Release link for use with AR-60-E acoustic release. Heavy load release link. Release hoops made with stainless steel wire alloy 316L. More robust than the LKH-162, but uses more battery energy and takes longer to release.


SKU: LKH-262
  • Load limit: 200 lb (91 kg) plus 100 lb (45 kg) surges. Load should be on-axis if surging.

    Hoop size: Large enough to pass a 1/8 inch diameter line.

    Wire metal: Stainless steel alloy 316L.

    Use: Replaceable release link for use with AR-60-E acoustic release.

    Method of release: Electrolytic erosion of wire at exposed points.

    Hoop construction wire diameter (excluding paint): 0.045 inch (1.14 mm)

    Release Times: 3 minute @ 21°C (70°F); 4 minute @ 5°C (41°F); 5 minute @ 0°C (32°F)

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