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DAR4RT - Deep Water Acoustic Release for Ropeless Fishing

  • On-demand acoustic release for ropeless fishing

  • Simple, reliable and low cost with minimum impact on fishing operations 

  • Release by rotation of beveled cam

  • Activated by ARI4RT deck unit and transducer with range and ping capabilities

  • Salt or freshwater

  • Operating depth is 0 to 1200 feet (0 to 366 meters)

  • Battery life approximately 12 months

  • Compatible with the Trap Timer virtual gear marking app

The DAR4RT Advantage


The DAR4RT system is the new deep water version of our revolutionary low-cost, on-demand ropeless fishing systems. It was designed specifically to be simple, reliable and cost-effective for near-shore trap fisheries in water depths to about 1200 ft. The design was developed to meet specific criteria based directly on input from American Lobster and Box Crab fishers. These included:

  • Minimizes exposure of whales to entanglement hazards

  • Can be capitalized and operated at low cost

  • Easily integrated into the existing fishing process

  • No undo impact on time and effort required to handle fishing gear

  • Easily stowed within the footprint of the existing trap

  • Does not impede the stacking of traps

  • As reliable as the traditional system

  • Comparable visibility on the surface to the traditional system

  • Provides a means to track the gear location

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