The Timer Release for Ropeless Traps (TR4RT) was developed through funding from the NOAA By-catch Reduction Engineering Program. The system is designed to reduce the risk of marine mammal entanglement by reducing the amount of time that trap lines spend in the water column. We are working hard to make a system that is simple, reliable and low cost while having the minimum impact possible on fishing operations. 

The system works by securing the normal trap line and float to the top of the trap with a bungee and release loop that is secured to a cam on the timer. When the time setting is reached, the line and float are released. The time is set by turning the cam. There are no other complicated controls, deck units or rope packing systems. To date, the system has been tested successfully with lobster traps to depths of about 300 feet in a variety of ocean conditions and bottom types.

A limited number of the systems are currently available for testing to fishermen on the West Coast of the US who are interested in trying it out and providing feedback. If you are interested in testing the system, please submit an inquiry through our contact page. 


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